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My Honey – 8.23.16

I brought this small and perfect animal into my life 3 weeks ago tomorrow. She’s crazy, a ridiculous amount of work, wakes me up at 6AM every day, and eats anything she can get her paws on. But she’s also smart, adorable, the perfect amount of cuddly, insanely photogenic, and my new best friend. We’ve already created a bond that makes me smile. We already get each other and it’s only been 3 weeks. 

When my relationship ended, so did my relationship with our dog. It ripped me apart. I spent every day taking care of that dog. Two years we spent together in a tiny little camper. We grew up together. Hiking mountains, swimming in lakes, riding shotgun, playing in the sand, exploring new towns, cuddling during the sunrises, and sharing snacks around bonfires. She was the first dog that really felt like my own dog and then just like that..she wasn’t mine anymore. 

I don’t know how to live without a dog so I adopted Honey. She needed a home and I needed her. I never expected to fall in love with her so quickly. She’s not quite trained yet and she bites my toes, but she’s mine. All mine. 

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An Adventure Of My Own – 7.21.16

Well I went off the rails again with this blog. Are you surprised? I’m not.

Anyway. I’ve had some major life changes in the past couple weeks and I’m taking my time to figure out what’s next. I’m learning to embrace my current situation and just do what makes me happy. Only me. It’s not the easiest mindset to enter but I’m trying.

The next step could be a help exchange somewhere new. Or it could be a camper in the back of my Subaru. Or it could be school. Or it could be living in a shack by the beach. Or any other crazy decision I can conjure up.

Until then…it’s friend time, family time, and Toni time.

Talk soon!

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Just A Dream – 4.25.16


Sometimes California just feels like a dream. Is the sky really that blue? Are those endless rolling green hills just my imagination? Can the cliffs really meet the ocean that magestically?

Apparently so. California makes the impossible seem possible.

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Heart Shaped Face – 4.8.16

If only our hearts could replace our bodies. If only we could look at one another and say “she’s got a good soul” or “he’s been through a lot” and maybe even better “she could care less about your feelings.”

Maybe then we wouldn’t judge each other by our looks, or our style, or our crazy hair and lack of makeup on Monday mornings. If we saw one another’s hearts first, I have a feeling the world would be a very different place.

We might spend just as much time worrying about what other’s think about us, but we would be worrying about our traits that matter. Not our hair, or our name brand shoes, or our nice new cars. Instead we would worry about making sure people knew we cared. We would make sure that people knew we are a remarkable contribution to this world that we are so lucky to be a part of. Maybe then we could all realize that we are so much more than our big thighs, glasses, and accidental bad haircuts. I’m more than my skinny ankles, my round glasses, my trendy house, my occasional bad skin, my small ears, and my face that is called pretty but I didn’t even create. I am more than all of these things.

If only people could see my heart instead of my face. That would be a wonderful world because I sure am proud of that ticker, just like most of you should be.

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New Favorite Spot – 3.26.15

Just wanted to share a few snaps from one of my new favorite spots. Wilder Ranch State Park really itched our scratch to explore today with only a couple hours until sunset. It’s 20 minutes from home and has over 36 miles of hiking, biking, and horse trails. Plus, they have goats. Does it get any better than that?

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